Why You Should Never Use a Piercing Gun

Piercing Tools

I admit, I am guilty for getting my first pair of piercings done with a gun and I am sure you know or heard of someone who have done the same. It is easy to walk through the mall and get your ears pierced at one of the jewelry kiosks you see, but professional piercers strongly emphasize that you should never use piercing guns to pierce any part of your body, including those ear lobes. Keep reading to learn why.
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Plugs, Plugs, Plugs



Interested in plugs or just started stretching? Plugs can be intimidating when first starting. There are so many different types and sizes, and browsing through retailers, especially without help, can be very difficult. Keep reading to hear more about the different types of plugs available for you to use both during and after stretching your ears to the desired size.

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