Differences between domestic and international jewelry suppliers!

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When it comes to suppliers and wholesale business we immediately think of China as one of the main sources! But is it convenient for everyone to buy from there? When any business owner wants to restock his/her online or physical store they get into the conflict of buying from domestic (US) wholesalers or overseas!


Buying from domestic (US) suppliers or overseas could have a positive or negative impact on profit. Buying with the lowest price high quality products is the ideal scenario for any Jewelry business owner.
In a small effort I want to show the main differences between domestic and international suppliers/wholesalers

You can download this Excel table sheet below:


The above link is a table shows the differences between domestic and international suppliers; there are too many points to add to the table but I covered the main points and you can modify it according to your needs.


Suppliers Container

Moving container

Some of the disadvantages could be managed from both sides depends on the circumstances and solutions available.
Let’s take this point as an example (Difficulty of verifying international manufactures) some of the websites have a verification process and ranks where you can check the verification level for any potential suppliers.

More Details on how to source products



At the end I hope this sheet would be helpful as there’s no rule or a specific formula in order to choose from domestic or international suppliers.


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