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316L Surgical Steel Twist with Single CZCaptive bead rings (CBR), or ball closure rings (BCR), is a type of body jewelry that consists of a ball and a circuit of a ring. The captive bead/ball fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring closing the circuit. The bead is usually larger than the opening of the ring and fits on the ring’s end-point so that it may fit snugly against each points. CBR’s usually are made from surgical stainless steel or titanium, but the bead/ball itself may additionally be made from colored glass, acrylic, ceramic, gemstone, or rhodium plated balls.

Due to the closed shape and rounded edges, CBR’s do not easily snag on clothing or hair, making the CBR a popular choice for piercings that are still in the healing process. However, due to the ring fitting tightly against the bead/ball, it can become difficult to remove it. You would most likely require a special tool to open/close the CBR’s.

Captive Bead Ring CBR by Hollywood Body jewelry

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