Acrylic Body Jewelry – Saddle Plugs


Only available at Hollywood Body Jewelry at Wholesale Prices

Acrylic is probably the most well-known plastic, and there is a lot of acrylic body jewelry or accessories available.  Acrylic jewelry is light weight and great for healed piercings *only*.  Acrylic should not be used in new or unhealed piercings. It should also not be used in newly stretched piercings. Be aware that this acrylic when worn in tongue piercings can emit toxins from the plastic. For tongue piercings, dental acrylic is recommended.

A couple of things that should be noted:

  • Acrylic cannot be autoclaved
  • DO NOT clean with alcohol or other harsh chemicals as it will ruin the jewelry
  • Acrylic is very fragile and brittle and will shatter under stress
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or heat as it can warp
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