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What’s PTFE? PTFE is short for Polytetrafluoroethylene and is more commonly known as Teflon. PTFE is a type of fluoropolymer which has numerous applications including flexible body piercing jewelry. PTFE body jewelry is perfect for hiding, and those who are allergic to metal/nickel.

  • It is a unique, medically approved plastic that is far superior to all other forms of plastic body jewelry.
  • Fully bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic. It helps heal troubling piercings faster.
  • It minimizes irritation and maximizes style.
  • Its high Flexible! It moves with the body for maximum comfort and durability. Perfect for active and physical people.
  • Easy to clean, and adjustable, use a scissor or a blade to adjust to your desired length.


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Officially Licensed Playboy Body Jewelry


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Finger Bracelet Chains – New addition to the Chain Gang

First was the belly chain and the nose chain, then came the ankle bracelets, and now the finger bracelet chain has been added to the family of bracelet chains. Never have to look at your jewelry trying to figure out which will look best with each other. The chain bracelet wraps around your wrist, down your hand and around your finger. The finger bracelet is made to look perfect and stylish with each other. Perfect for everyday or a special occasion. 

finger bracelet chain

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