Body Jewelry for the month of October

Best Sellers Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon by Hollywood Body Jewelry


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the support for breast cancer is everywhere today, with individuals and companies taking up the cause. Pink Ribbon has become a brand, and everyone knows what it is. However, not everyone knows the details – early detection is key, and the many different kinds of breast cancer, and it can happen to young women, older women, and even men. So be sure to get your PINK on and support those that are fighting! It can be from a simple pink ribbon to a extreme body jewelry to show the world your support for breast cancer. Above are some of the popular items for Pink October.


Best Sellers Halloween by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Trick or Treat!! How can we forget about Halloween. Only time of the year where you can dress up as anything you want and they won’t look at you funny. With the right body jewelry or the right accessories, you can never go wrong with your outfit/costumes.


Best Sellers by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Also some of the few best sellers! Nose jewelry are very high on demand this year. The many different style that they do offer. Be sure to visit Hollywood Body Jewelry and browse through the hundreds of selections, WHOLESALE only.

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