Body Piercing Healing time


Body Piercings are an investment, and require care and attention up to an month of your time into healing process. Aftercare instructions are very important to a very healthy healing. If not followed properly, the time is take to heal can be extended greatly. Below is a list of all the popular piercings and the healing time, of course during the process always listen to the directions you received from piercers regarding about the aftercare process.

Cartilage: 2-8 months
Ears: 1-2 months
Eyebrow: 1-3 months
Labret: 1-3 months
Navel: 5-9 months
Nipple: 6-9 months
Nose: 3-4 months
Septum: 1-2 months
Tongues: 1-2 months


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