Jewelry Trends of 2020 – Layering

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Want to know about the hottest trends in body & fashion jewelry for 2020? You’ve come to the right place!

This month, we’ll be covering some of the latest and hottest trends in body jewelry.

For traditionalists, earlobe piercings are what first comes to mind when discussing body piercings. In 2020, that is still the case but with a little twist: layering.

What’s layering? It’s pretty straight forward. It’s a traditional earlobe piercing, but with individual customization that allows you to express your unique taste.  Layering is all about gathering the smaller pieces that you love and stacking them onto your ears to express your unique personality. It’s a conversation starter to say the least. Once you browse our wide array of earrings, you’ll quickly see that the styling possibilities are endless! From crystal embedded studs to seamless hoop earrings, we’ve got all your layering needs covered- and then some.

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