How to take care of your Organic Wood Plugs and Tunnels

Organic Wood Plugs and Tunnels

organic_1The best thing to do when you first receive organic wood plugs or tunnels is to oil them with jojoba oil.  Jojoba is a natural oil that will help to preserve and maintain the rich color of the wood.  Oiling prevents cracking and can be frequently applied.  If there is any detail carving, oil will enhance the image.

Wood is a fragile material, and even the larger sizes may break or crack if dropped.  In addition, wood should not be exposed to water, at least for extensive periods of time.  We don’t recommend showering or swimming with your wood jewelry.

Our experience has been that wood is not as prone to warping as horn.  It is lighter weight than both horn and bone and is comfortable to wear.

In most cases wood earrings or ear plugs are much better for your skin and body and with our fantastic designs there is always something for everyone.


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How to Sterilize Body Jewely at home

How to sterilize Body Jewelry Without an Autoclave at home

how to sterilize your jewelryDo you have any body jewelry that requires sterilization? You can sterilize your body jewelry without having your own autoclave right at home. The way autoclave works is by using extreme heat and high-pressure steam to kill any microorganism, but the downside is autoclaves are expensive to purchase for personal use.

The most common and basic way of sterilizing your body jewelry is simply by washing your body jewelry with antibacterial soap and hot water. The soap will kill a number of bacteria and will clean off any skin cell debris that may have collected on your jewelry. Another common method is to just simply soak your body jewelry in rubbing alcohol to sterilize it. Let it soak for a couple of minutes then remove, rinse it off, and pat it dry. Alcohol has long been used as a sterilizing agent for metal, but this method is not recommended due to the possibility of discoloration or adverse reaction to the materials. All of these things can easily be bought from your drug and grocery stores. It is always best to keep your body jewelry clean that will prevent you from getting any type of infections to your piercings. It is important to know that this process has gradually changed through practice. It is important to contact a professional for more thorough and detailed information on how to maintain your piercings to minimize any health related issues.