All About Snug Piercings


2018 will be the year of the ear. Ear piercings are making a comeback, and expected to be trending throughout the year. With so much space on a single ear, everyone can get creative with what type of piercings they want. Amongst the various different types of piercings, the snug piercing is approaching in full gear.




Placed through the cartilage between the inner and outer ridge of the ear, the position of snug piercings varies for each person, but it is generally positioned at the middle of the ear, above the anti-tragus. Although a more difficult form of ear piercing, snug piercings are great in expanding your collection, and being creative while expressing your uniqueness. 



Unfortunately, because of the thick cartilage and sensitivity of the area, snug piercings are considered to be one of the more painful piercings. But, good news, everyone’s pain tolerance varies, and the higher your tolerance, the less it’s going to hurt.



Because snug piercings are more difficult, be sure to go to an experienced, professional piercer for the procedure. In order to prevent infections, you should care for and clean the area of the piercing daily. Your piercer may provide you with a cleaning solution and instructions, or you can use warm salt water to clean the area two to three times a day. Make sure you don’t over-clean your piercing, as that can irritate the area.

Make sure not to touch the piercing, especially with dirty hands. Be careful with anything that may come in contact with your piercing, such as clothing, earphones, bedding, and your phone.

Your piercing will take 6 to 12 months to heal. Also, it is recommended to wait until your piercing heals before switching jewelry.



Once you have decided to get a snug piercing, you finally get to go jewelry shopping! Snug piercings can be done with straight or curved barbells. At Hollywood Body Jewelry, we offer a wide variety of products that your piercer can use. Check us out here and you will definitely find something that will match your style.


T23C                 GRC


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Nipple Piercings – The Trendy Piercing

New Arrivals / Nipple Rings

New Arrivals / Nipple Rings

What do you guess is going on the huge trendy piercings over the world? You’ve probably seen so many celebrities in Hollywood got their nipples pierced, including Rihanna, Zara Larsson, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Amber Rose, and it goes a real trend here now. It’s not only for women, regardless of gender or age, Nipple Piercings appeal to get it done to all.

Here is some tips, it usually takes 6 months to fully heal, but also depends on person, or what kinds of piercing you get, and healing time could be a year. Until it’s healed, especially for a few months, you should keep it clean and avoid spas, pools, or hot tubs. In the shower or anytime, touch very gently, no turning, or twisting.

Variety of nipple piercings starting from basic barbells or rings to nipple shields, Hollywood Wholesale Body jewelry has, will satisfy your customers need!

Check out for a wide variety of nipple piercing selection  in here:


Wholesale Nipple Piercing

CZ Set Floral Filigree Ends 316L Surgical Steel Nipple Barbells

Wholesale Nipple Piercing

CZ Set Center Heart Filigree Dangle 316L surgical Steel Nipple Rings

Wholesale Nipple Piercing

Playboy Bunny with Star Shield 316L Surgical Steel Nipple Bar

Wholesale Nipple Piercing

CZ Flowers on Both Ends 316L Surgical Steel Barbell Nipple Rings

Wholesale Nipple Piercing

Heart Filigree Round Nipple Shield with 316L Surgical Steel Barbell

Wholesale Nipple Piercing

Dragon Nipple Shield

Ear Climber / Ear Crawler


Ear Climber / Ear Crawler

Pair of CZ Paved Olive Leaf Pre-packed Ear Crawler/Ear Climber


At Hollywood Body Jewelry we always strive to be the first to bring the trendiest and the hottest selling body jewelry around the world, and in keeping with that tradition, we’re expanding our wholesale body jewelry collection of ear climbers or ear crawlers with fresh new designs; you wear those starting from the bottom (like a regular earrings) and you adjust it to crawl up the lobe of your ear.


You’ve probably seen a few celebrities flaunting these ear climbers or ear crawlers on the red carpet and the market has noticed. With an average monthly increase in search engines in 2017 indicating the market demand for these hot items.

Our wide range plating Rhodium and 14 kt Gold of ear climbers or ear crawlers collection along with our competitive prices would meet everyone’s need and satisfaction.

Here’s just a taste of the new ear climbers or ear crawlers  we have for sale. Browse our website for more styles and designs that your customers will soon be wearing. Also make sure you sign up for our Hollywood Body Jewelry newsletter and stay current with the latest body jewelry trends.


Wholesale Ear Climber Ear Crawler

Pair of Shooting Star Prepacked Ear Crawler/Ear Climber

Wholesale Ear Climber Ear Crawler

Pair of Marquise Cut CZs and CZ Paved Leaf Prepacked Ear Crawler/Ear Climber










Wholesale Ear Climber/ Ear Crawler

Pair of Lined White Pearls Prepacked Ear Crawler/Ear Climber

Wholesale Ear Climber / Ear Crawler

Pair of CZ Paved Feather and Marquise CZ Dangle Prepacked Ear Crawler/Ear Climber













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