Disposable And Non-Disposable Piercing Tools

Traditionally an autoclave sterilizer was considered to be a must-have piece of equipment that every tattoo/piercing studio owned. The amount of time the tattooists, piercers, and even their apprentices would spend hours getting them prepped for the autoclave. The sterilizers would run their cycle, making the tools and the body jewelry’s safe for use on the clients. Over the past years a vast array of products adapted from the medical and dental industries, and have improved with the cleaning regiment. More and more products have been popping up to help clean more safely and efficiently. Stainless Steel tools were the only option, but now many pre-sterile, single use, individually packaged tools can now be added to their list of tools.



Slotted Pen Disposable Forceps


Tattooist and piercers are now introduced to a wide variety of tools which saves them time and money. We have seen tattoo/piercing studios using all disposable equipment, and as their main front advertisements on their shops, although some are sticking to their roots by doing what they’ve been doing, and that is to use the autoclave sterilizer. So your wondering is it safe if your piercer is using the disposable tools? Honestly using the old way (autoclave sterilize) or the new way(disposables), it doesn’t really matter as long as the tools they use, and the body jewelry has been fully sterilized.

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How to measure your body jewelry

Anyone who has tried to purchase body jewelry will know how confusing the measurements can be. The most common type of questions we receive is about body jewelry size. We receive hundreds of emails/calls and a majority of them have to do with sizing and measuring. So lets being with some basic units of body jewelry measurement and the sizes.


Straight Barbells – Shaft/Post length is measured in a straight line, between the end balls.

Curved Barbells – The size of the Curved Barbell is measured in a straight line across the center, in between the two end balls. This is called the post/shaft length.


Labret and Monroe Studs – The shaft/post length of the labret or monroe stud is measured in a straight line between the top ball and the flat base.


Captive Bead Rings – The size of the Captive Bead Ring are measured in a straight line across the center, inside the ring. This is known as the internal diameter.

Circular Barbells (Horse Shoe Barbells) – The size of the Circular Barbell is measured in a straight line across the center, inside the ring. This is known as the internal diameter.


Plugs and Tunnels – Measure the diameter of the plugs or tunnels at the middle of the wearing surface/barrel.TOOL-GMT

The common tools you can use are a caliper or one of the gauge measurements we sell on our website at Hollywood Body Jewelry. Or you can search for an online tool where you can print at home.

Help! How to open Captive Bead Ring

CBR Opening Pliers by Hollywood Body Jewelry


How to open Captive bead rings?!! Everyone has been through this once while owning a Captive Bead Ring, the amount of anger trying to get them to open and close, and not going the way you want them to. Tired of going to a Piercing Shop just to change out your body jewelry, or using a tool as an alternative. So, if you have a lot of piercings and plan on changing your jewelry often, I would strongly suggest that you invest in some Tools made just for body jewelry. A lot of people end up hurting themselves or ruining their jewelry using tools that are not made for body jewelry. They can make scratches in the metal, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is very important that the surface of the ring does not get scratched!! If you consider using a tool like a needle-nosed pliers, make sure you do know what your doing.


CBR Closing Pliers by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Fact: Wrap the needle-nose pliers with some kind of soft tape such as electrical or masking if you are using an Needle-nosed pliers for your Captive Bead Rings.

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