Stainless Steel Jewelry Package Deals

For your convenience, Hollywood Body Jewelry has a number of pre-assembled ring and steel jewelry packages that are sold together, sometimes even with a display. The smaller Value Packs offer multiple pieces in one! Choose the right package for you. We offer bracelet and chain packages, as well as ring packages including biker styles, wedding bands, engagement rings, spinner rings, and more, all at low wholesale prices!


Stainless Steel Jewelry Package Deals are available on the Hollywood body jewelry website, and they come assorted in different types of jewelry and styles for you to choose from. Also you get to choose if you want the complete display package including the Versa displays. Best value on the best selling jewelry on the market.

Spikes Jewelry Starter Pack – Hollywood Body Jewelry

starterpack2Spikes Starter Pack is available not just with best selling HBJ body jewelry, but also for the best selling Spikes steel jewelry – such as the very popular rings. Choose from biker styles to engagement/wedding band rings, titanium or stainless steel. All starter packs come individually packaged inside the clam shells and includes a tray to display them. No assembly required, start selling right out of the box.


Warm up the holidays this year with couple rings – HBJUS

couple ringsCouple rings are a popular tradition when it comes to love. With couple rings, you and your lover can have a special accessory that represents the two of you and your commitment to each other. Whether for Valentine’s day, in preparation for a wedding or an anniversary, couple rings are great gifts for couples. Find a couple ring set for you and your sweetheart at