How to choose the right jewelry

How to choose the right jewelry? If you want your jewelry to fly off the shelves, it’s integral that you find good quality pieces. It’s true that if you want quality, you will have to pay a little more. However, that problem can ultimately be solved by shopping for wholesale body jewelry. Wholesale jewelry means you can get good quality jewelry at lower prices. However, it is still good to be cautious. Wholesale jewelry does not always mean good quality. When you shop for jewelry to stock your stores, there are a few things you should check to examine the quality.

hollywoodbodyjewelry-TapersType of Material

If you want your customers to be keep coming back, invest in jewelry made from good quality metals. The best metals for body jewelry include titanium, surgical stainless steel, gold, and sterling silver. Titanium is hypo-allergenic, so it is great for those who have metal allergies. Stainless steel is great for resisting stains, rust, and corrosion, not to mention that it is built to last. Your customers will be pleased if you invest in these kinds of materials.

Signs to Look for When Examining Quality

Say you’ve just found a great jewelry piece to stock in your store. Before purchasing it in bulk, you will want to check several points on the piece to ensure that it is the quality your customers will want and appreciate.

Chains: Look for any bent, incomplete, or twisted chain links, and then give the chain a gentle tug to make sure it won’t easily break. Lay the chain on a flat surface and ensure that it lies flat.

Clasps: Check to make sure the clasp matches the chain in color, texture, and design. It should open properly and remain closed. Tug gently on it to make sure it won’t break away from the chain.

Earring Posts: If the earring posts are bent or bend easily, they probably aren’t sturdy enough to last, and your customers won’t be happy. Make sure that the posts are the proper thickness and the back fits tightly.

Plating: On any kind of jewelry with a plating, check to make sure the plating is in good condition. Look for any obvious flaws, and scratch at the finish gently with your fingernail to make sure it doesn’t easily scratch off.

These are just a few tips you can use when testing the quality of the jewelry you will stock in your store. Once you’ve found a good quality piece, order it in bulk from a wholesale jeweler and save.

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