What is Medusa Piercing?

Medusa Philtrum Body Jewelry Piercing

Medusa AKA Philtrum Piercing

Medusa piercing, AKA Philtrum piercing is located under your nose septum in the center region of the upper lip. It was named by Medusa piercing after a Canadian hairdresser and there’s no specific meaning behind the name.

It’s mainly popular between younger crowd for the piercing location and its visibility.

The healing timeline of Philtrum (Medusa) piercing is 2 to 4 months but obviously it’s different between people, as in some cases it takes 6 to 8 weeks only. The aftercare is the most important thing of the healing process as well as to prevent any infection or complications, despite of all that in some cases your body might reject the jewelry material.

Please note: always ask a certified piercer about all the aftercare procedures and in case of any complication, please seek an immediate help from a professional medical doctor, ignoring the issue could lead to having scares, loosing teeth, gum complication or any other issue.

Here are some after care tips to use:

  1. Clean the piercing with a sterilized cotton ball dipped in warm salt solution two times a day
  2. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating
  3. Use a mild soap for rinsing the pierced region while bathing
  4. Dry the piercing by gently patting with a clean paper towel
  5. Use a toothbrush having soft bristles and a mild toothpaste for brushing your teeth
  6. Do not use any antiseptic mouthwash
  7. Avoid eating hot, spicy and sticky foods
  8. Stay away from smoking or consuming alcohol
  9. Avoid applying antibacterial creams, lotions, or cosmetic products on the piercing

The aftercare steps has been taken from www.bodypiercingmag.com  (http://bodypiercingmag.com/medusa-piercing-philtrum-piercing.html)
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Vampire bites – Neck Piercing



A neck piercing is one of the many different types of surface piercings that are quite popular, it is done to make it look like a bite on the side of a person’s neck. Common body jewelry used for this particular piercing would be a Surface bar. A bar is placed in the skin of the side of the neck. When the jewelry is taken out it looks like a vampire bite, hence why others call it the vampire bite.


Neck Piercing Body Jewelry


Neck piercing is done through the loose flesh on the back of the neck and is also called a nape piercing. They carry a high rate of rejection and migration, unless they are properly measured and placed. They may reject if they are not pierced properly, as they are in a part of the body that moves constantly and are easy to irritate, catching on clothing or other objects. You can cover them with a band-aid, but surface piercing is an open wound, and they do need air to breathe, so keeping it covered for a long period of time wouldn’t be the best idea.

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Horseshoes aka Circular Barbells

T23H02 Spikes Grade 23 Solid Titanium Horseshoes


Circular barbells are also known as horsehoe barbells. Circular barbells are most commonly found in eyebrows, nose (septum piercings), nipple, navel, ear lobes, ear cartilage, cheek, tongue, and genital piercings. There are many different types and diameters to suit the various types of piercings. Circular barbells are usually heavier than captive bead rings especially because of the balls, and so it may not be a good idea to use it for all types of new piercing. A barbell is a trendy piece of jewelry worn in body piercing. Barbells can either be straight or curved. They usually have small balls or beads at each end to keep the jewelry in place. The beads can usually be unscrewed from one or both ends for ease of wearing and removal.


HA52 Aurora Borealis Coating Over Splash Acrylic Balls 316L Surgical Steel Horseshoe


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