Choosing the right threading for your jewelry

When buying body jewelry, especially online, you may come across the terms “Internally” threaded. Most standard body jewelry are “Externally” threaded. It’s important that you know the difference.

Externally Threaded by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Externally threaded body jewelry has the thread on the end of the barbell, and it is placed inside a threaded hole in the ball. This means that when the jewelry is being passed through the piercing, the threads also pass through it, and then the ball is screwed into place.

Internally Threaded by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Internally threaded body jewelry has a threaded hole inside the barbell, and then an external thread protruding from the ball. A smooth barbell passes through the piercing, and then the ball is inserted and screwed into place.

Monroes and Labrets by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Now APP “standard for initial piercing jewelry”, internally threaded jewelry is recommended, however if you don’t want an internally threaded jewelry, the standard externally threaded jewelry is fine also.

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