Click Away with the New Septum Clickers


The Septum Clicker is an improvement to the classic look of the captive bead rings, and the curved and circular barbell rings but designed to provide more of an unique style and convenience. The septum clickers are much more easier to wear due to not having the small removable spikes, studs or beads that Captive Bead Rings or other septum jewelry might have, which are usually easy to lose when changing, taking them out, or putting them in. The design of the septum clickers have a smooth uni-body design and have no threads which can lead to irritation to the septum piercings. The septum clickers offer convenience and safety, and do come in many different styles with or without gems. Septum Clickers are made of surgical stainless steel, to be high quality, durable, and comfortable. is including a Free jewelry gift bag and a USB Flash drive for the Holidays (until supplies last).

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