Dermal Anchors/Skin Divers Body Modification

dermal anchors and skin divers body modification

Piercing Example

Dermal anchors are one of the newest innovations of body modification, and a trend that is growing fast. A dermal anchor is classified as both a piercing and an implant. The body modification is to be inserted and anchored into the dermis around it.

Dermal Piercing Process

In some parts of the US, it is illegal to receive a dermal piercing from someone who is not certified. There are some locations in the body where dermal piercing will not work due to tissue type and possible body movements. Dermal piercings are prone to the same risks as any other piercings. An infection, rejection, tearing, and snagging are definitely possible risks of having a dermal piercing. It is also important to know that the removal of a dermal anchor will probably result in lifelong scarring of the wound.

Dermal Anchor Titanium IP Internally Threaded Ball Dermal Top Blood Drop Dermal Top

Dermal piercings are becoming recently becoming popular because of its option to be placed on almost any flat surfaces of the body. This also gives the advantage of putting piercings to areas that are difficult to pierce with regular piercings.

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