Don’t wait till the end, be the first to start the trend. – Ear Chains and Cuffs.

Ear Chains by Hollywood Body Jewelry

The hottest trend right now is chains, chains, did i say chains? chains, and more chains!!! Add a bold statement into your piercings with awesome body jewelry chains. From your ear to nose, cartilage to lobe, tragus to cartilage, rooks to lobe, belly chains, body chains, nipple chains, and more chains, chains all over your body!!

Stud Chain with Balls Earring with Gemmed Thunder Bolt Dangles with End Clip 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

The most popular body jewelry chain has to be the ear cuff chains. An barbell to barbell ear chains that connects cartilage piercings together, or tragus piercings together. Popular styles of ear chains would be dream catchers, hearts, stars, spikes, crosses, simple chains, and more. For a more modern-trendy style, many people mismatch the earring charms, or the style of the chains.

316L Surgical Steel Ear Chains

Head over to Hollywood Body Jewelry on some popular Ear Chains. Wholesale Only!


Also don’t forget Ear Cuffs, these 2 items have been seen worn by a lot of models and celebrities at the red carpets, runways and fashion show, and will be the next big thing after septum clickers/hangers. Don’t wait till the end, be the first to start the trend.

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