What is a Double Tragus Piercing

pfrb140325What is a Double Tragus Piercing?

A tragus is the projection in front of the ear canal, and is present a little bit above the ear lobe. Tragus piercing passes through the tragus. Similarly, a double tragus piercing involves two piercings through the tragus. A captive bead ring or a labret stud is mostly used for this piercing.

How is Double Tragus Piercing Done?

Firstly the spots are marked on the tragus. The tragus is mostly a cartilage tissue and the piercing may be painful. After marking the spots, the piercer would insert a needle through the area. Now, the tragus jewelry is inserted and fixed. The same process is followed for the second piercing too.

In most cases, the two tragus piercings are done one after another. After the first tragus piercing is done, a few minutes gap is give before the second piercing. However, you can also choose to get two separate piercings.

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