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14 Karat Gold Body Jewelry

Eyebrow Gold Ring by Hollywood BiJewelry


Gold is a traditional metal with a noble past and beautiful use in the body jewelry industry. Gold always had a tremendous value in society, long before its use in currency and today, gold has still retain its value.

Gold body jewelry is often made up of a gold alloy, which commonly consists of gold, zinc, and nickel. The highest purity of gold in body jewelry is the 24kt, which is the softest and purest form of gold alloy in jewelry. This makes the 14kt much more popular as the 14kt gold alloy has the perfect balance of price and quality which makes it ideal for many business owners.


Solid Gold Barbell by Hollywood Body Jewelry


There are some things to watch out in using gold body jewelry. Gold can become discolored from autoclaving. There can be several reasons for this, such as reaction to the chemical indicators, residues left from polishing, cleaning products, or corrosion of elements in the gold itself. It is also important to know that gold body jewelry should usually be avoided in healing piercings as body fluids tends to tarnish the metal due to the gold’s soft attribute. Gold also scratches easily which can also affect the body as the scratches can irritate the body especially if used on a fresh piercing.

Please note using gold for piercings, a lower purity than 14kt is not recommended.

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