Non-Piercing Body Jewelry



The art of body modification has been on a rise in the past century, people are accepting it more and more, and aren’t just looked down upon. There are still some people who have a natural fear of a needle going through their skin, or the pain from getting their skin perforated, but of course there is many solutions to this common problem. There are many different kinds of non-piercing body jewelry available on the market today. One of the most common popular non-piercing body jewelry would be the tapers, plugs, and septum. These non-piercing body jewelry looks so real, people might think that you actually have them pierced. There are many types of non-piercing body jewelry that it comes in, like for example as a clip, magnet, glue, etc, and also many different designs and colors to choose from. In the non-piercing family there is the lip clips, nose clips, belly rings, and much much more.

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