Fishtail Nose Studs??

What are Fishtail Nose Studs? Why are they so long? How can i make them fit in my nose piercing?

Bones and Studs

When you first get a fishtail they will have the decoration on one end with a very long strait bar (about 3/4″) coming out of it. These are made so you can insert the jewelry easily and then bend it for your nose they way you want it to fit. Once fitted, and bent, simply clip off any remaining length you don’t want resting in your nose. Most commonly bent into an L-shape but can be bent into a C-shape, like the nose screw. These are great for healing a piercing since you can leave room for swelling at first, or make a tighter bend after it has healed. These are usually very comfortable to wear because they are custom fit for your nose.

Hollywood Body Jewelry carries a lot of fishtails and other body jewelry.

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