Glow in the Dark Body Jewelry


People who are looking for something new, throwing on a neon glow in the dark graphic tee for your night out with your friends, changes the way you look, a definite eye-candy! That doesn’t mean your whole outfit has to be green, that is just a big no, and wouldn’t recommend walking around like that. These funky body jewelry pieces glow brightly in the dark and their glow really last for a long time. Light up your look with one of the stunning range of Glow in the Dark body jewelry. Some of the glow in the dark materials are flexible, perfect for tongue and navel.


Glow in the Dark Jewelry by Hollywood Body Jewelry


How are they made and are they safe: Unless we are in the 50’s, and Radium were used to make them, it is completely safe. These days, Phosphorescent materials are typically oxides or sulfides, doped with rare earths. These materials are mostly harmless (but not made to be ingested). Depending on the color of the glow stick, some can last longer than other colors.

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