Gold-plated jewelry

14K Gold-plated

What is Gold-Plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is created using an electro-chemical process that places a layer of Gold on steel, copper, brass, or some other base metal. The thickness of the Gold used in plating usually determines the price of the jewelry, 14kt being the most popular.

The benefit of gold plating for jewelry is that it gives the look of gold, but does not have the cost of gold. In jewelry applications, a gold plating is most commonly applied to silver. Thus, the jewelry actually includes two precious metals, rather than just one.

How to clean Gold-plated jewelry?

Cleaning Gold-plated jewelry is just like cleaning any other type of jewelry. Even though Gold-plated jewelry is only gold on the outside, it is still considered real gold. It is easy to get your gold-plated jewelry clean again with just a couple of household items that you might already have.

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