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One size does not fill all, especially when it comes to jewelry. That one earring that looked terrific on your friend might not suit you the best, or your favorite ring might not work on someone else. So how do you know which piece of jewelry to choose? Finding jewelry that suits your skin undertone will help you enhance your look. Not sure what your undertone is? No worries, we got you! Continue reading to find out!



So what is an undertone? Undertones are the colors below the surface of the skin, usually categorized as warm, neutral, or cool. Someone with a warmer undertone will have more yellow or golden shades, whereas cooler tones will have more pinkish and bluish hues. Neutral undertones have a mix of both warm and cool tones. Undertones can influence not only how jewelry looks on you, but also how well certain hair colors, clothing, and makeup can look.



When first hearing about undertones, it is completely normal to be a little confused and unsure of what your undertone is. Try answering the following questions to determine your undertone:

  1. Take a look at your veins in natural lighting. What color are they? Are they more blue, or do they look more green? If your veins look blue, you are cool toned, and if your veins look green, you are warm toned. If you are unsure or have a mix of both blue and green veins, you may have a neutral undertone.
  2. Think of that one time you were on the beach and took a nice, relaxing nap. Did you tan or did you burn? If you tend to tan more easily, you are warm toned, but if you burn more easily, then you are cool toned. Regardless of your undertone, be sure to always wear SPF!



Now that we have a better idea of our undertones, we can see whether gold or silver jewelry suits you better.

If you have a warm undertone, you want to go for gold jewelry, as it will pop on your skin. For gemstones, check out earth tones including red, yellow, and/or turquoise colored stones.

GDNR01           GDRH1R


For our cool toned readers, you may want to go for silver jewelry as well as white gold and platinum. You can go for gemstones with white, pink, green, or blue colors.

NOB-626          NOL-625


For those of you with neutral undertones, feel free to explore! You have been blessed with an undertone that suits any type of jewelry.

R-M6798G          R-M6798S


However, feel free to test all types of jewelry! These are only suggestions, and you may find an even better fit despite your undertone. So, if you’re warm toned, but want to go for that silver ring, don’t let that stop you! I highly recommend trying and testing different pieces to see which suits you the best.

At Hollywood Body Jewelry, you will find a large selection of both gold and silver jewelry that suits all different types of undertones. Whenever you have the chance, don’t forget to check us out!





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