Halloween – Who do you call? H-B-J

Getting ready for Halloween? Candies and Costumes, what more can you ask? Well with the right body jewelry or the right accessories, you can never go wrong.

Prepare for Halloween

Skulls and skeletons are usually the go-to when shopping for Halloween costumes, and anything related to add on to what they are already wearing, from belly rings to stainless rings.

Halloween Jewelry by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Glow in the dark body jewelry is also one of the most popular set of body jewelry’s sold during Halloween. Although you don’t see a lot of rings, or pendants, you will see a lot of earrings, navel rings, or bracelets that glows in the dark.

Halloween Glow in the Dark

Here are some more additional Halloween themed body jewelry at Hollywood Body Jewelry. WHOLESALE ONLY! You see what you like? and your go-to Shop/store doesn’t carry them? Let them know.


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