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Buying with a wholesale price and sell in a retail price sounds like an easy way to make a profit but when you actually go through the process and the amount of time on research you need to do as well as the paper work it can be overwhelming and frustrating; for this reason I’m writing few articles on how to go through this with the easiest way possible; covering only the main aspects of it with few tips in order to help you with the process of opening your own Jewelry store and be your own BOSS.

As you can read from the title I’m going to write down few tips on how to choose from Wholesale Body Jewelry Suppliers!
It depends on what you are looking for you can choose your Body Jewelry Supplier accordingly; you can choose handcrafted jewelry from a local signature designer if you are looking to sell Jewelry with a specific theme or style targeting the local market of the designer’s region or type or you could choose from a well known brands as well.

If you choose to buy your products from local designers you might be able to order small quantities targeted to the local market.

You should consider the following points when you are searching for your supplier:

  1. The minimum quantity limit you could order
  2. Price
  3. The flexibility of dealing with you
  4. If they have a good customer service
  5. If they have a loyalty program or special deals/packages or offers and some of them they offer Startup packages
  6. What’s the shipping cost and the turnaround time after you place an order
  7. What brands they offer
  8. Test the products quality and ask for samples (samples fees might apply)
  9. Verify your supplier
  10. What are your payment terms and methods

The above points are just a few tips to consider and it’s vary from each and every one according to their interest, business plan and situation.

Now; after I covered the main points I want to give you a few sources to find those wholesale body jewelry suppliers, I will break it down into two categories:

Skull Rings Jewelry

Skull Rings



  1. Domestic
  2. International



To know the differences between Domestic and International Suppliers you will be able to download an excel sheet where you can modify it according to your business needs.


Domestic                International Conventions/Exhibitions and trade shows You could try the Chamber of commerce website
You could find manufacturers according to NAICS code where you can find it from your local Library or online You can try referrals or manufacturers list of distributes/ suppliers or magazines
You can try referrals or manufacturers list of distributors/ suppliers or magazines
Local Chamber of Commerce
Small festivals where you can find crafty designs
Conventions/Exhibitions and trade shows

Please note that the above is not only for Jewelry or Body Jewelry wholesalers as well as some of them requires a membership fees.

As you notice can ship worldwide with a variety of brands and steel Jewelry collection with Startup packages and offers

The above is just to name few and if I missed any point or a major website please feel free to write it in a comment on this blog.

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