How to hide my piercings

Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

One of the main concerns people have about facial and body piercings is how noticeable it can be while your at work or school. There are ways to hide the piercings, but i think it is important to be realistic – it is impossible to make your piercings completely invisible, especially your ears at larger sizes. There are however plenty of ways to make your piercings more discrete and acceptable to employers and judgmental family members. First off, don’t get them, if you know your work place or school does not allow any piercings, it is wise to not get them pierced in the first place. If you decide to just ignore it and get them pierced anyway, you can use retainers for your piercings. They have retainers for your nose, lip, and tongue. For your ears, you can use solid silicone flesh plugs/tunnels, but as the sizes get bigger, it is harder to hide them.

Curved Retainers

Acrylic Bio Flex

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