Industrial Barbell + Dangling Charms

industrial barbells with dangling charmVisit Hollywood Body Jewelry for all your Wholesale Body jewelry and Steel jewelry.

The industrial piercing trend has been going on since ancient times. The huge popularity of this type of piercing has led to various jewelry types for this type of piercings. The most commonly used jewelry are the single barbells, but due to the wide variety types of body jewelry, there are barbells that are available which ranges from loopszigzags to even industrial barbells with dangling charms. Other types which have gained popularity amongst Piercers include the twister barbells, and barbells that has been custom made just for the specific type of piercing. People have the option of choosing from a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit their needs and preferences. Why not go out of the box and try out the Industrial barbells with dangling charms.

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