What is Ion Plating?

Ion Plating

Ion Plating over 316L Stainless Steel Plugs


Ion plating is making stainless steel the more popular material in high quality  jewelry. With its unique and high polished look, the ion plating process is being used on rings, bracelets, and even on body jewelry. The IP process is known for its ability to retain its high quality plating, unlike any of the outdated method of electric coating.


Titanium Ion Plating over 316L Stainless Steel Barbells


So what is IP? Ion plating is one of the most advanced surface finishing processes up to date. The process is the preferred method to adding any color onto the stainless steel jewelry. Ion plating is a physical vapor deposition technique to form metal coatings on steel, which is absorbed by the stainless steel through a vacuum process. It is the most durable plating by up to eight times more than other coating methods and resilient to corrosion and wear.

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