Jewelry Trend for Fall 2015

Fall is here, and the season for chunky sweaters, boots, layers of clothing, and of course the new fall jewelry trends! There is always new style of jewelry that keeps coming out, and the best place to look will always be the runways. Below is a list of some jewelry trend for this fall. Also Pearls and Oversized Jewelry were a big hit on the runways.

Floral Jewelry

This fall, florals should be incorporated into your style everywhere. Floral jewelry was seen worn the most on the runways for fall 2015. Floral earrings, pendants, ring, etc. Extend the trend to your jewelry wardrobe.


Long Necklaces/Chains

Long, slim and classic looking chains, paired with a dainty pendants are back on trend, and are perfect for your fall look. Perfect to go with your layers of clothes. Not just necklaces, but also chains & charms are a big hit this fall also.


Single & Mismatch Earrings

Who would’ve thought that wearing only one or mismatching earrings would ever show up on the runways, well this was another trend that was all over the fall 2015 runways.

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