Jewelry Trends of 2020 – Chains & Necklaces

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We’ve previously discussed layering for your earlobes, but today we are discussing layering chains&necklaces to put some extra flare onto your already unique fashion ensemble.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when layering your favorite necklaces:

In order to create a necklace&chain ensemble that flows together naturally, it’s good to be mindful of the variations in length. For example, when pairing longer chains with shorter ones, you want to make sure the gap between the two are proportionate. Leaving a huge gap between the chain/necklace disrupts the subtle and even flow that your jewelry provides to your outfit. When paired correctly, it can be the perfect touch to finish your outfit off with.

Ultimately, the decision is yours- select the pieces you want and decide whether you want them above or below one another and layer them proportionately. If you’re into pendants, it’s best to have the smaller pieces closer to your neck and the bigger pieces further, creating an even and uniform look that flows together seamlessly.

When layering thicker pieces with thinner ones and vice versa, it’s a good idea to layer them in a way where thickness gradually increases or decreases in size. The best part is, we offer pre-made multi-layered necklaces, with trendy and modern designs. This gives you a go-to option whenever you’re in the mood for layering.

Our multi-layered selection offers double layered charms, heart pendants, triple layered chains, and bezel set solitaires- just to name a few. But what if you want to customize the layering process yourself? We’ve got that too. Our fashion jewelry line SPIKES offers a diverse selection of chains & necklaces of all sorts and sizes, lengths and designs. From curb links, figaro chains, dangles, pendants, and much much more. Come check out our SPIKES steel jewelry line today!

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