Mid-Finger Ring aka Knuckle Ring

Mid-Finger Rings

Here’s a new jewelry trend that has you wearing your rings on the tops of your fingers, its called an Mid-Finger Ring and they are a hot seller!

To be honest, as a guy I rarely notice rings on a woman’s finger so the fact that these rings caught my eyes means a whole lot. A ring placed right above your knuckles? A new style – mid-finger rings do stand out.

Fashion accessories are meant to be unique and different from your everyday jewelry and with these mid-finger rings you are bound to grabs everyone’s attention anywhere, whether you are texting on your phone, eating a hamburger, reading a book, or even playing with your hair. So why wait? Add these to your selection of Jewelry’s now, im pretty sure you and your customers will think the same.

Browse our New Arrivals section today for Mid-Finger/Toe Rings (yes they can be adjusted for your finger or your toes) and other jewelries.

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