Nail Rings are taking over…

Nail rings, a great chic fashion piece that’s been coming from Asia and seen worn by stars such as Beyonce. This silver color metal ring has a snake wrapping your finger and the result you see is modern, wearable art. Semi-adjustable coiled nail ring fits over your finger(s) tips and the nail shape lays overtop your nail. Haven’t had time to get your nails done? Wear these Nail Rings with a mix of Mid/Knuckle rings and you’ll be the talk of the town. These rings come in many style and design that goes with anything you throw at it.


The new accessory essential in fashion that has been around in other cultures for many years, has made its way to the spotlight, NAIL RINGS!. Spice up your nails with these perfectly proportioned key pieces & take a style cue from previous generations to glam up your looks!


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