Nipple Piercing and Jewelry

You are in search for some jewelry for your nipple piercing, and wondering a wide variety of jewelry with all sorts of sizing measurements. It can definitely be confusing, if your not too familiar on how the body jewelry sizing’s work. So to make sure you purchase the correct ones, its always good to ask your piercer when you are about to get it done, or go back to where you got it done and ask them what size they used during the initial piercing. The standard size for nipple piercings are 14g 1/2” but always make sure, because the piercer always knows the best sizes and can be different, because putting in the wrong size can eventually not heal and migrate through the skin.


The healing time for standard nipple piercing varies greatly from person to person and can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Make sure you follow your aftercare instructions on how exactly to care for your new piercings. Depending on how you take care of the piercing can make a huge difference as to whether your piercing will heal up quickly and stay where positioned or to not heal and migrate through the skin.


Nipple rings and nipple piercings are popular among both men and women. Many have dangling designs to accentuate the styles. Though many people use standard types of barbells, horseshoes, or CBRs for their nipple piercings, Hollywood Body Jewelry has an entire section devoted to jewelry specifically suited for the nipple. For the hottest styles of affordable nipple jewelry, make sure to check out all our products.


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