Non Piercing Body Jewelry


Non Piercing Body Jewelry if you are not ready for piercings! Piercings and tattoos has been used to decorate the body canvas to enhance attractiveness or draw attention to oneself. Even with non piercing body jewelry one can make a fashion statement and also project a unique personality. Non piercing jewelry can be a healthy and a smarter choice, instead of it getting pierced. Piercing basically is an open wound, and can be easily infected or can leave a life long scar. Sometimes the material selected on a body jewelry can lead to allergic reactions, if not done by a professional piercer, when having it done, it can accidentally damage nerves or blood vessels leading to complications.

Non piercing body jewelry is used to decorate body parts that are generally pierced like the belly button. Instead of piercing the area and waiting for it to heal by using only non allergic metal jewelry, try using cubic zirconia danglers or studs which can be ‘stuck’ onto the navel.


Whereas piercings require the conventional rings or bar designs, non piercing body jewelry can come in all sorts of shapes or designs, and is made of a range of materials to suit all kinds of budgets. There is greater flexibility in the material used to make this sort of jewelry. Attention should be paid to the kind of glue used to stick the jewelry onto the skin. These are made of non allergenic substances that do not harm the body, yet some people could get skin reactions using these. This kind of jewelry is much safer, with more variety to choose from, than jewelry used in piercings, and there is no fear of things going wrong.

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