Piercing 101: Introduction to Earlobes, Helix, and Daith

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Whether you’re debating on getting your very first piercing or if you’re a piercing veteran looking for an addition to your collection, we are here to inform. Today’s topic: Piercing 101- more specifically, our beloved ear piercings.

First, lets take a moment to pay homage to those who started piercing ears, more than 5,000 years ago. Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification, having varied meanings in the past and present. In ancient Egypt, earrings deriving from precious metals were a sign of wealth and a way to distinguish oneself in society. It was even banned in 13th century Europe by the Catholic church. Throughout time, history tells us that ear piercings signified forms of social class, rites of passage, sexuality, and artistic expression. There are many variations of ear piercings, some commonly known and some not. Regardless, your ear is a canvas that you can style however you desire. Whether you’re into layering or tragus piercings, this form of expression is an extension of who you are.

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Today, in the modern world, piercings are widely regarded as a fashion statement. Here are three of the most common and popular ear piercings:

1. Earlobes


The most popular and common piercing of them all: the lobes. This piercing is the pride and joy to all piercings. To many , it’s the first thing that comes to mind when discussing body piercings/ body modification.

The earlobe piercing is associated with little to no pain and has a relatively fast healing process (3-6 weeks to fully heal). It really is the perfect way to get your very first piercing experience. Since earlobe piercings are the most popular and common form of body modification, you will never run short of new and trendy pieces to style those lobes.

2. Helix


If you love rings and/or barbells, this is the piercing for you. Located on the upper ear, this piercing is one of the most popular piercings today. Since helix piercings are wearable with barbells, it’s commonly said that they’re well-matched with industrial barbells. Regardless, it’s a pretty awesome place to express your creativity.

The pain level for helix piercings? Moderate. Slightly more painful than your traditional earlobe piercing, the needle pierces through cartilage, making the healing process last anywhere between 3-6 months. Today, this is one of the hottest and trendiest piercings because of its versatility and wearability with barbells or rings.

3. Daith


Daith piercings are located on the center part of your ear. Not the most typical place to get pierced, but it provides a very unique look. Although not scientifically proven, it is widely believed that daith piercings provide alleviation from migraines and headaches.

It’s important to note that before committing yourself to a daith piercing, you should check to see if you have a large enough cartilage area where the piercing needle and earring can penetrate. This can be done with the help of a piercing professional.

The pain level for daith piercings: moderate to severe, depending on the individual’s cartilage size. The healing process can take anywhere up to 9 months.

Things to keep in mind with any piercing: Just as important as getting your ears pierced by a piercing professional, the aftercare process plays a key role in keeping that new piercing sterile and far far away from possible infections. We will keep you posted on the aftercare process of on our next blog post. See you then! 🙂

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