Piercing 102: Aftercare

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Welcome back! As promised, we’re going to examine the essential routines that are needed in keeping your new piercing sterile and infection-free.

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First things first. It is imperative that you commit to a aftercare routine for however long your piercing professional deems fit. Pain levels, bleeding, whether your new piercing was pierced through a cartilage, and roughly knowing how long the healing process will take are things to keep in mind. Hopefully your piercing was done by a certified piercing master and they’ve already advised you on how to manage that new piercing. Regardless, consistency is key.

Naturally, the area where a new piercing was placed will be swollen and tender. As a result, you probably want to feel it with your hands- to check if it’s okay and to feel if the swelling went down. However, you must be mindful and catch yourself. Did I wash my hands?  As you probably know, grime and particles collect on your hands throughout the day. Although they appear to be clean, you have to assume they’re not- especially when handling a fresh piercing. That’s right, the very first step is to thoroughly sanitize your hands. This must come before anything else.


Now that your hands are clean, you want to start cleaning the newly pierced area and the piercing itself. Naturally, you grab that bottle of rubbing alcohol. This common household item is perfect for sterilizing, right? Right, but wrong! Not for your fresh new piercing! Alcohol will disinfect, but it will also dry your skin out and cause irritation. Apply that on an area that’s already sensitive? No way! Rather, using soap for sensitive skin and rinsing with lukewarm water (or however your piercing professional recommends) is the way to go. If you’re on the fly, you can use saline solution on cotton pads. After making sure your hands are clean, apply a generous amount of saline solution onto cotton and thoroughly clean the area where your new piercing was placed. If you can, and try your best to clean the piercing itself.  To go that extra mile, apply saline solution after washing with soap and water. You should repeat this process up to 2-3 times throughout the day. If your piercing comes in contact with clothing, it’s recommended you wash your clothes regularly, as dead skin cells can build up and possibly cause irritation. If you’ve gotten a facial or ear piercing, it’s a good idea to change your pillowcase daily.


For those with new oral piercings, avoid hot (temperature and flavor), salty and acidic foods/drinks. Try to stick with foods that won’t irritate the new piercing. Some of these include: soft potatoes, juiced fruits&veggies, yogurt, or oatmeal. Always remember to stay hydrated and brush + rinse with mouth wash or saline after every meal. Setting a few ice cubes in your mouth until it dissolves is a good way to alleviate pain and/or swelling.

A consistent post-piercing routine is an important necessity. Keeping the newly pierced area clean and sterile can effectively prevent possible infections and bacteria buildup. Always remember that consistency is key.

Keeping these aftercare habits may help speed-up the healing process so that you can try on the different types of piercings you love.

See you next time!

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