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Interested in plugs or just started stretching? Plugs can be intimidating when first starting. There are so many different types and sizes, and browsing through retailers, especially without help, can be very difficult. Keep reading to hear more about the different types of plugs available for you to use both during and after stretching your ears to the desired size.

Previously, we have covered flesh tunnels on our blog, but today, we want to dive further in and discuss the various different types of plugs available.



Tapers are usually made of acrylic or steel and can be used during the stretching process. Tapers are tapered (see what I did there). They usually start off on one end with the gauge you want to stretch to and become narrower towards the other end. This makes it easier to insert the tapers and allows you to gradually stretch your ears. O-rings can be used to hold the tapers in place and make sure they do not fall out.

TAA-A          TSBT



These plugs/tunnels are usually one thickness throughout, which allows easy insertion. However, O-rings are required to hold the tunnel in place. O-rings are rubber circles that slide onto the ends of the plugs to make sure they don’t fall out of the ear.




Single flare plugs have one end that is the larger than the rest of the plug. This allows a smoother insertion on the side with no flare. The end with no flare can be held by an O-ring to prevent it from falling out.  




Now, with double flare plugs, they have larger ends on both sides of the plug. These are more difficult to insert, and should be worn on healed stretched ears in order to not damage your piercing. Double flares may be more difficult to insert, but that also means they are less likely to fall out. You also do not have to worry about losing your O-ring and potentially having your plugs fall out as well.




Screw fit plugs/tunnels come with a screw on the back of the tunnel. During insertion, simply unscrew the plug and once inserted, screw it back on and you are done. Plugs can be both internally and externally threaded.





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