Popular Types of Wood for Organic Body Jewelry

Organic Body Jewelry


Areng Ebony Wood – is a stunningly stark black wood, due to this rich black colour there is very little visible grain streaks.

Sono Wood – is a large hardwood tree that grows up to 40m tall and is often planted in public areas as its wide and dense canopy providing a great area of shades. The leaves are mostly used in infusions as shampoos and are also good for waxing and polishing brass and copper. The wood itself is a wonderful dark brown color with subtle dark streaks, and the texture can be polished to an amazingly smooth glossy finish.

Sawo Wood – is a beautiful wood that has a natural, vibrant brown, almost red colour.  It has delicate darker brown streaking and is a very dense smooth textured wood. Due to the dense, solid nature of Sawo Wood it can be hand-carved into incredibly detailed plugs.

Crocodile Wood – is an amazing light wood, which is a natural cream/beige colour. It has very light natural streaking in the grain which really increases its aesthetics. It has a nice smooth texture and is very light, so your ear stretches won’t be weighed down even in larger sizes.

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