Preventing and Treating Piercing Scars

scarBody piercings are becoming more and more popular, and are becoming increasingly mainstream in society, and they are leaving their mark. While on the other hand, who chooses to get a tattoo is aware that they’re leaving a permanent mark on their skin, while many people who do get body piercings don’t understand the risk of permanent scarring that can lead from piercings. If a piercing is not done professionally and from a reputable piercing shop, it can lead to discomfort and later causing it to be infected, which a scar is likely to form instead of the wound healing. Even though the scar can be small, some scars can be discolored, bumps, that can get ugly. Below are some information on how to treat and prevent them altogether.

Untitled-3Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and talk to an Expert

The best way to prevent or minimize piercing scars are obviously doing your research before getting them pierced. Searching for information online, for example going on to the APP Website, will help out a lot if your just getting into Body piercing, or looking for a certified piercer, or a shop. Also by visiting one of the APP approved piercing shop and talking to one of the certified piercers will be the best option, because they have the best knowledge and can give you expert advice on how to take care of it, which material, jewelry and size that are less likely to cause scarring.

Home Remedies

Most common type of scarring would be the Keloid scar, which leaves a bump that can range from being very tiny to something that can be the size of a quarter. Vitamin E is widely used to help reduce scar tissues. Form of a vitamin or oil can be used to help fight the scar. Tree Tea oil is another type of home remedy that is used a lot with great results. Keep in mind the remedies work better on the early stages of scarring. Over-the-Counter Treatments are available, and if the situation is not improved by home remedies, you can always go see Plastic surgeons to help remove the scars through minor surgical procedures. This option is costly and involves more medical risk, but is likely to be more effective than home remedies or over-the-counter treatments.

The easiest way to prevent piercing scars is to take careful care of your piercing from the moment you get it until either the wound has healed or you remove your jewelry and the scar fades. Care must be diligent and daily in order to successfully remove or diminish the appearance of a scar.







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