How to remove an Nose jewelry

Nose jewelry has its different challenges especially once the piercing is healed, and the amount of frustration if it’s your first piercing that you want to change out. Below is some information on how to remove some of the nose jewelry type people seem to have trouble with.

Nose Ring PackagesRemoving Nose Screws:

Removing nose screws can be a challenge, think of  how you put it in and reverse the motion. Grab the end on the outside of the nostril, pull the jewelry out until you come to the bend, and you would turn the jewelry past the bend, and rotate the jewelry through the curved part till the jewelry completely slides out. You would want to twist the jewelry through the curve. Feel a little pain? that’s ok, just dont force it.

Bones and Studs

Removing L-Bends and Fishtails:

As the name implies, there is a decoration on one end and a L-shaped bend on the other end. These are slightly easier to take out, and very similar to a nose screw. Push the jewelry through the piercing at the correct angle, and push the bottom of the L-shaped bar up and through the hole in the nose. Continue passing the bar through the nose piercing until the angle lines up, then push the rest of the jewelry through the piercing.


Septum Jewelry:

First you need to flip the jewelry down by grabbing the ends and rotating them down. It can sometimes be helpful to push up on the tip of your nose to add extra space. Rotate and slide the jewelry out. Septum jewelry is probably the easiest type of nose jewelry that can be easily removed.


Please Note: It’s important to keep your jewelry clean. Wash your hands well with antibacterial soap before, and wash the jewelry with antibacterial soap and warm water afterwards.

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