Silicone Body Jewelry

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Silicone body jewelry are a very popular type of material for body jewelry due to being very comfortable to wear, even while sleeping, and due to the very low price. They are acceptable for accessories, but not highly recommended for piercings, especially unhealed ones. There are now flesh tunnels available in silicone and while the material is bio-compatible, it comes with another set of risks. One is that silicone has the ability to auto-stretch, which can potentially cause tearing or over-stretching of the hole. Another is that because of the pliability of the material, it tends to cause a seal against the skin and could allow a build-up of seepage which could eventually lead to severe infection. If you use any of these products, it’s imperative that you keep the area clean and dry at all times.

Silicone body jewellery is durable and easy to care for. Here are our guidelines to caring for your silicone flesh tunnels and plugs:

  • Clean with mild soap and water. Ensure that all soap is rinsed away and allow drying before wearing.
  • Clean silicone jewellery in this way before first use
  • To ease insertion and removal, lubricate jewellery with saline or skin-friendly oil e.g. olive oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, Vitamin E oil
  • Be aware that swimming pool chemicals can discolour silicone body jewellery
  • Silicone jewellery is safe to autoclave
  • Do not chemiclave, soak in madacide, immerse in alcohol, or expose silicone to any other toxic chemical
  • Do not stretch piercings using silicone body jewellery



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