Single Flared vs Double Flared Plug = You decide on the winner.

stone_1So you are now ready to replace your fully healed stretched ears, and want to know the difference between a single and a double flared plugs? Well, a flare is a sort of lip that prevents the plug from sliding out of the piercing when worn. A single flare plug has only 1 lip and the other side will usually be straight, and often backed by a soft rubber O-ring to prevent it from falling out of the ear. Now for the double flare plug, as you might have now guessed from reading what single flare plugs are, actually has 2 lips at both ends. Due to having a lip/flare on both ends, there is no need for an O-ring, which the flares should hold the plugs in place. 

dblflaredNow that you know the difference between those 2 very popular type of plugs, which one would should you be purchasing? Single flared plug are a lot easier to put on, as where double flared plugs, you would be forcing one side to your ear, because the flares are bigger than your actual gauge size, i would highly recommend using a non-scented lubricant, jojoba oil, or switching them out during a nice hot shower where it would loosen up your ears for you to put them on. Both single and double flared plugs do come in a variety of styles and sizes, BUT the double flared plugs do have more styles/designs to choose from due to their clean look without the need of a O-ring.

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