Spider Web – Hand web piercings.

Hand web piercings? No this doesn’t make you shoot spiderwebs out of your hand, sorry i wish it did. A hand web piercing, which is one of the many different type of surface piercings, is a piercing through the loose skin between two digits, such as between the fore finger and middle finger or fore finger and the thumb. Not too many people are big fans of hand web piercings, but there are some people that think they are unique and attractive. This piercing is not commonly performed by reputable professionals because of its low success rate. This piercing has a high rate of rejection because of the nature of the tissue and how dynamic or mobile the area is, and how hands can lead up to a lot of bacteria and germs. The hand web piercing is typically a temporary piercing, but if you want to reduce your rejection risks, you want to make sure that the jewelry is placed in an area of the webbing that will reduce movement. You should also be careful of moving the surrounding fingers, as you may notice by moving the other fingers, you can irritate the exit holes of the web piercing on that hand. Whether it is uncomfortable or unpopular, there are still people out there who will do this, regardless. If you are considering to have it done, get it done professionally. The healing process time on it can take up to 6 weeks-1 year. Typical body jewelry used is a barbell or a captive bead ring.

hand web piercing

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