Spiral Barbells aka Twisted Barbells


Spiral barbells aka helixes aka twisted barbells or twisters are a new twist on the old circular barbells. They look non-ordinary and can flatter and add interest to many piercings. For example, 16 gauge small diameter twister will look great in your eyebrow. A twister with long spikes in the earlobe surely will add you some cool. These Spiral barbells are often found in navel, but are very popular on the ear, eyebrow, and lip piercings as well. The twisted shaft is comfortable, durable, and safe, and they are curved in a way that helps to put less stress on most peircings. Spiral barbells of different types will come primarily in 14 and 16 gauge sizes, as most of the piercings they can be comfortably worn in are within that size range.

Hollywood Body Jewelry’s twisted barbell selection offers a wide range of choices in styles, colors, and materials. We offer only the highest quality twist body jewelry for our customers, and the most lowest affordable cost!



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