Stay Classy with Real 14k Gold Body Jewelry

Body jewelry has truly become one of the most diverse ways for people to express themselves, due in large part to the litany of choices in design, styles, and material.  Still, one of the most popular materials remains one with a familiar, lasting presence in the jewelry industry:  gold.

While the great majority of body jewelry wearers prefer the multiple options that come with stainless steel, acrylic, and titanium products, the popularity of gold is ever present in the body jewelry industry as well.  In the opinions of many, the classic look of a lustrous, refined piece of gold jewelry cannot be matched, and the steady popularity of gold products show that this opinion will not go anywhere anytime soon.  Like they say, class is permanent, and gold seems to come pretty close as well.

Hollywood Body Jewelry has the best selection of 14K Gold Body Jewelry at the lowest, most affordable wholesale prices.  Check out our 14K Gold section for the hottest styles of fancy navel rings, nose studs, and other basic body jewelry pieces.  White gold or yellow gold, take your pick:

Please note:  gold body jewelry should not be used in fresh or unhealed piercings.  Due to the nature of its properties, gold body jewelry should only be used on completely healed piercings.  Also be careful to those with allergies to nickel and other types of metal.

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