Different Types of Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow piercings are probably the most common facial piercings. Wondered what type of eyebrow piercing is available for you? Below is a list of different types of eyebrow piercings that are available to you, always ask your piercers first before getting them done.


Types of Eyebrow Piercings by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Eyebrow piercings – This can be a piercing anywhere along the brow line on either side. It can be vertical (the most common) or horizontal.

Anti-Eyebrow piercings –Normally it is a small surface bar that is placed above the cheek bone or below the eyebrow. This piercing can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the person’s preference.

Eyelid Piercing – They are done through the eyelid, usually in the outside corner of the eye. They are quite uncommon due to the damage and risks they may cause. (Swelling, Pink Eye, Pain when opening/closing eye, Infection)


Eyebrow Body Jewelry


Brow piercings do have a habit of migrating if they’re not pierced deeply enough or the jewelry is too thin or heavy. They can be irritated by eyebrow hairs, so plucking the hairs closest to the entry points of the jewelry can be very helpful, especially if you’re experiencing swelling or tenderness in a healed piercing. Don’t use waxes or any other hair removers while you’re healing your piercing. Healing time can be all different depending on the person’s body and how they take care of them.


Curved Barbells CBR Horseshoes
Typical jewelry for eyebrows would be the curved barbells, circular barbells, and captive bead rings.

TRUE FACT: Hairdressers have an uncanny knack for combing over brow piercings. It’s a good idea to cover it with a bandage to protect it while having you’re hair done, trust me, happened to me a lot of times, and boy do they hurt!