Cheek Piercings


Cheek piercing is facial body piercing through the cheek, usually in the center, where natural dimples are located. This location is usually the thinnest part of the cheek and will heal most rapidly. They are also considered as an oral piercing. Cheek piercings are usually pierced with a 14G needle and replaced with an barbell after the initial piercing so the tissues do not grow over the back of the jewelry. After it has been healed, labret studs are a very popular jewelry to replace the barbells with, due to the flat back that provides comfort and lessens the chance of the jewelry damaging the teeth and gums of the wearer. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided until it is healed. The outside of the piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution, and rinse with suitable mouthwash in the morning, evening and always after eating.