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Popular Trend for Summer 2014

It is getting a lot warmer as we reach that time of the year again and summer attires are becoming popular once more. It’s the season where beaches become overcrowded and you know that this summer is going to be a season of fun. The most popular jewelry trend right now is the layering of bracelets where the wearer mix and matches different bracelets of different colors and styles. It’s a trend for the warm season and it is a “must-follow” trend.

Colors are an important asset to consider when layering bracelets. Leather bracelets are becoming extremely popular as it produces a warm, neutral tone and combining jewelry with a poppy, neon color will give a more accented effect. Try matching your colors with other accessories to really stand out.

Leather Braided Bracelet with St. Benedict's Charms

Bracelet with Glow in the Dark Skull Beads


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